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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 3d video
have to wait after chinese new year before it can be delivered but everything was super. The sound is loud with excellent crystal highs and mids. Bass is neutral. i was really amazed because it can get really loud when you put it on the highest level. im going to buy a 2nd one for True wireless Sound. i highly recommend
Good quality product that I am using daily a a screen for my mini mac. Just ordered a 4K mCacle to convert 1080 to 4K as my mac mini doesn´t support 4K. For that experience I have to wait. The picture is bright enough to use during daytime, but a night the results of course are much better. After adjusting the picture I have a very satisfying image. The instructions provided to do this are poor. Found out myself and through blogs that one button you need to press longer to get full image control and 3D options. Also my grandchild found out that in the android mode shaking the remote liberates the on screen mouse. after struggling with mouses this was a great surprise, As a smart projector ill give it full stars. The android options are a nice gimmick but doesn´t work as cool. Any device linked by WiFi has a annoying unsatisfying delay. Most android apps work poorly or do not work at all. I stick with my mac mini that aesthetically also fits beautifully with my new XGIMI H1.
Product is really high quality, even better than expensive brands I have used ever. Image quality is crisp and clear. I bought with 3D glasses and glasses also good one for 3D. 3D mode is surprising, quality is near to real cinema. Seller is kind one, thanks for very quick response. That is why 5 stars.