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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4 camera
Very cool kit and well worth the price. Mostly for indoor use though because it can be challenging to control in even the faintest breeze. First time I brought it outside, it gently rose above my backyard and gracefully landed at the bottom of my neighbours pool.
Shipment came fast. Packaging was nice. In a few words great value for money. Phone looks good and its fast, responsive and functional. I have only 1 remark - don't expect much from the fingerprint sensor. I had to create 3 fingerprints (on just 1 of my fingers) and even then it needs 2 or 3 scans to unlock the phone. In any other way its an awesome phone. I do recommend.
I love everything about this phone but the camera needs to be worked upon. The quality of the camera and video need improvement but aside that, it is a good product.
A bit wide to the normal wide and height of the car stereo space with the plastic spacer but also a short without the plastic spacer so the guy who installed it need to do some drastic augmentation to fit it. However the item is working well so far, the steering wheel remote is not yet tried but I hope it will also work. Great all in all. Thanks
I'am very satisfied from seller.. and from the described... but not from the customs..came in greece in 13 days customs held it 9 days. ask me for proof of purchase..and the package was opened from the customs(WHY????) ... I buy it from china and they put the greek taxes on it 24%... and the customs duty...I show it down... They put customs duty & taxes only the product from china.. they want to close china economy... I think China (gov.aliexpress,alibaba.etc.....) must be do something about it...