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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4.3 inch player
The device is much lighter than expected which is nice. Had no description on any of the sockets, but wasn't a big deal. Just made it hard to distinguish TV OUT from headphone jack. The emulation is not perfect. You notice a little slow down depending on the game, but it is 99% playable. Has expansion slot but the 8GB internal is more than enough. Plays GB/GBC/NES/SNES/SMD with no problem and has a built in savestate feature and key remappping. The firmware is the worse. Has an ugly loading screen that shows images from unrelated games and then a lame home screen with permanent game thumbnails you cannot remove. Also has a lot of bugs, but nothing that breaks the gameplay. Just some annoyances like disconnecting from PC if you are transfering lots of ROMs at once, and resetting the date/time in the settings, after you turn it on again. Even after all these negative points, the positives still compensate, and it is perfect for something so cheap (got it for 24 euros).
Delivery to India took 1 month. China post is slow compared to Alieexpress shipping. Also the customs clearance took more than 18 days. Product was well packed, no damage. The free gift brick mini game is okay, very tiny screen about 1inch. Can't really play with that. The main unit is good, very big and display is decent for the price (Don't expect Mobile like clarity). The console overall is good. Plays most of the old 2D games. Built in more than 1000+ different games. Good buy. Everything works so far. Only problem is NES games run little faster FPS (Mario, etc) and can't be reduced.
Dear Seller, Thank you, and sorry for being late, I was on a summer holiday, so today I confirm the GPS navigation has arrived well packaged, in a very good condition. All is working well, I'm very satisfied with it. Thank you again! Best regards