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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 40mm headphone speaker
Pretty good! The sound produced is louder than my original one with the same coil resistance. I used it to change the speaker of my helmet communicator. The positive pole is the black spot
I can't tell if it's 50Hz to 20kHz or 20Hz to 20kHz, take a look to the info and description. About quality and sound, very good speakers, the original speakers on my headphones are a little bit clearer, but this are near.
exactly as pictured, closest product to resemble the bose headphone speaker in a qc15, from the 8 solder spots in the back, to the 3 hole pattern in the speaker under the white cover. Works just as well as the bose speaker, I can't tell a difference in my newly repaired qc15.
Shipping is ~20 days to Central Europe (heavily depends on your local post office, the seller sent the package right away). Upsides: The headphones are comfortable (perfect fit, lightweight), the sound is great (no noise from the drivers, perfect for movies/video games/music listening). It has a long cable. Downsides: Noise cancelling could be better, the earmuffs are a bit hard (maybe because they're new). I don't recommend them for outdoors, because the cable is too thick and long. The quality is good, worth the price.