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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4300k
package arrived with no damage very impressed with the packaging very secure with fragile tape all around it. fitted on a bmw e60 d2s 6000k and i am really loving it. it is the same quality of the original if not better and the shipping is very fast to the middle east almost only a week to the middle east very good. thank you seller.
Just installed the HID today, light output is good, quality of bulb is good, colour temperature 6000k as advertised, now to test the lifespan of HID bulb to determine how long it will last under normal usage
LEDs look very nice, I was looking for 4300K for a long time, I prefer this color because it looks similar to halogen bulbs and also on wet road/snow it's better than 6000K. On the photo is visible the difference between 6000K white (the angel eyes) and 4300K (the bulbs). On the road there is very good cut out, definitely not blinding opposite trafic, the light output is higher than halogens, but 35W HIDs or LEDs shine more. But this is also better for not blinding opposite traffic. Downside may be the plug, which is only two separate connectors, not a whole complete plug like with other LEDs. But this is also on the pictures in the listing, so I expected this. Also, during the fitment, you have to remove the metal clip on the headlight, and then slide it in, not like with other LEDs, where you remove the fitting ring from the bulb and lock it in place and then slide the bulb in. Also the driver is not integrated, but it's quite small, so it's not any issue.