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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 48v
Please tell AliExpress to provide a tick box on the confirmations goods received page so that I can say that I give 100% feedback for this order with a single tick instead of many. Thanks, Jeff
Item works as described. It provides the needed power and more to make my condenser mic work with my old PC. This is the fastest shipment I ever got so far from AliExpress. It took about 2 days for the item to ship and about 3 days to my front door. Thanks!
Fast shipping. It took about a week to arrive in the Netherlands. The housing of the power supply came loose, but could be fixed with a little bit of glue. Item functions as it supposed to do.
first the package got lost but then they helped me alot . the seller is amazing both the factory and the neewer store are great they communicate . i give this store 5 stars .
Completely fits to the description, thanks. However, as the cable looks very thin, I will use it only in safe area to prevent ..unwanted borrowing. Not fully sure it would stop a thief with a good pair of scissors At least, it looks deterring