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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4ba
AWESOME in ears,, I own the Shure Se535 but I really prefer this one. No joke. Nice bass and loud! The fits are ok, this is the only thing for me that could be improved. Highly recommend. very fast delivery!
The less wide end before the replacable tip is a bit too long so they don't fit my ears that well and stick out a bit. As a professional working for A-list bands i wanted these as a spare for my custom in-ear monitors, they'll never be more than a spare...
Sounds great, well balance in bass, medium and tremble; The cable need to be assembled to the earphones, need to look which are right and left on cables and Earphones, cables had a little R and L, for the earphones need to look the picture on this site to know how to insert in your ear this way you know which is R and L.
I bought the ZS6 and purchased it up to ZS10. The sound of the ZS6 was good, but the sound of the ZS10 is clearer and the sound is accurate. In particular, the sound pressure is heard more firmly. It is a great earphone.
Amazing earphones !!! Very organic and clear sound without being too analytical to cause fatigue. The dynamic driver does very good job presenting the lows without impacting mids and highs. The BA drivers are clear, detailed and organic. The acoustic records in Stockfisch Records (Closer To The Music) are simply delight to listen. Highly recommend this product if you like audiophile sound.