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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4x case
Got a case on a smartphone "REDMI 4-A". The seller is very conscientious. Asked to send the case to me quickly. He promptly fulfilled the request, sent it on the second day. I advise you to buy from the seller the goods you need, you will not regret it. I put him for a great job of 5 stars
Great! It fits very well my Xiaomi Mi A1. Just a comment: the printed image is cut on the upper side (the head of the owl - just for 2-3 mm). Maybe you can consider to print it a little bit further down
This particular protector came with white borders for the Xiaomi Redmi 4A and the 3 buttons on the bottom did not line up perfectly with the lettering on the screen. Still good quality overall, just a tad imprecise.
It is a good quality product, but glass doesn't fit perfectly, so there is a millimeter or two gap between the edge of glass and case, so there is a good chance for dust to fill those gaps. Case is really good.
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