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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 5 v led
Dear Sir/ Madam, Thank you very much. We had received the parcel.The parcel been delivered very fast and very well wrapped. We checked everything. All the items from the parcel do work very well. Thank you very much.
It would be good to have the manufacturer Name and the product reference on the pack. it' is otherwise difficult to order a second time the same product... Otherwise product is OK. Sincerely
good quality but not warm white as I expected for a 9 W (in comparison to other products I bought before in Europe - giving for a 6 W same lighting as the 9 W I just received) but very good for the money paid.
Received the power supply much quicker than I expected. Upon receipt, I set the unit up and configured it for my purpose. I adjusted the voltage to the value I need for my application and tested it at 120 and at 230 volt input levels and the unit worked FLAWLESSLY. I'm very satisfied and will purchase another unit at a higher amperage rating for another application. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!