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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 5730 led strip
Great store!All products are of very high quality.I love it!The seller is polite and tidy.The goods are Packed qualitatively and reliably.Arrived in a short time.It's good.For such goods and service ,I would give more than five stars!Thank you very much for having such shops!
Good strip that seems well made. I was shortsighted and forgot to look at what plug these came with. It’s European. Luckily Ali has adapters for cheap. I’ll update review to reflect light quality once I receive my adapters :)
Product received very fast and it's working according to specs. Proper solderings and such. Downside is that it is very, very noisy. The power supply not only has a buzzing sound on it's own, it's also not suitable for driving a mini computer like a pi as the sound gets distorted. Probably well suited for LED strips though.