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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 6 ohm amplifier
Very good product, sound quality is average and the chinese girl doing the voice prompt in English has a VERY funny accent, wish I could change it to a simple Bip but I haven't found how, I m laughing everytime I turn ON my speakers. Most important is it works and it can go loud. BT range is so so but it could be a problem with my design...
A+ for the build and packaging. SQ is awesome... using it mostly for my android phone. Only issue is the buzzing when used with phone. However a few plug-in and unplug fixes the issues. Love this tiny thing!
After connecting them to the FX DAC and turning the volume all the way up (don´t do this unless you know nothing will play all of a sudden like an ad or background apps) I no longer hear any st
The rear RCA outputs are un-amplified, which is a nice touch if you want to use another amp. It´s built solid and feels quality. Only real complaint would be the flimsy AC adapter.
Powerhouse in a small package. I believe this exceeds my expectation for a thin an portable DAC amp. Quality and audio output fidelity is clean and crisp for the price and size. Shipping is real fast. within 8 days I got skipping the Chinese holidays. Shipping is real deal. Thanks SMSL.