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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 6000 mah
The seller is honest, the tablet is overall good, but all the specs have been hacked by the manufacturer. It's a quad-core MT6735 running Android 5.1 with 2 GB RAM and 720p screen. The seller correctly agreed to a partial refund so I give him five stars. For the rest, the tablet is good looking and works fine.
Super fast and reliable seller with superb communication skills. I recommend this seller without a doubt. Fast shipping and great order. All as described. Thank you seller, I recommend to all buyers! :)
Dear friend, today I have taken Power Bank 6000 mAh Fast Charge PowerBank. Please can you tell me how the bank charges in advance so that I can charge my iphone? Thank you very much and I'll send you 5 stars.
I could not charge the battery of the tablet and purchased this product. Because there was more capacity than one of now, I think that some charge last a long time. In addition, I want to order it when it is necessary. I want you to arrive a little earlier then. Thank you.
for me im personally okay with the weight and size, those would be personal preference. things to note would be that with this battery case, u would not be able to use the usb-c earpiece/headphones because the case port is only for power input. the other would be that the back and bottom part of the case is protected but the top and screen is very exposed. the battery life of it is good and can charge my phone around 1-2 times depending on phone usage while charging. bad thing is the back is very uneven, very wobbly when putting on a flat surface