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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 64 audio
Case quality good but roller button made from kind of plastic and it' s not seems durable. This player playing wma,mp3,flac and dsd and dff file (64 / 128 / 256) Volume level is quite enough for but radio volume is very high and it's cause to sound bursts and parasites. Battery life is very very long. Screen quality and brightness enough. Five or six kind of EQ mode and if you want set manually. It' s not include any case for device. The price performance ratio is pretty good. I recommend this product.
The image of the offered card has different pins than the received one. The card is in order and the service very good but not compatible with my motherboard. I can not use it.
robust and well finished. Perfect. It comes with 32Gb microSD card, protective film display, protection player port, microUSB / USB cable for data and charging. Satisfied by the fast shipping and protective packaging. Success!