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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 82 key keyboard
A nice quality, it is compact and nifty keyboard. Build quality is straight simplistic which is a good thing - there is no need for an over-engineering. I don't like a plastic base though, I would appreciate a matte finish. I appreciate the presence of MINI usb instead of micro. These AJAZZ-branded black switches feel nice, I can rest my fingers on a keyboard without accidental presses, so the resistance is good. Cherry style stabilizers work very good, and I prefer them to Costar ones. Lighting is a nice feature, there are 18 lighting modes including solid color and excluding a custom profile. A brightness is very good, I would not want more bright LEDs as it would be just too much. However, I recommend a wrist rest, I find myself having my wrists floating in air (not a problem, you can buy some nice walnut wrist rests for a couple of bucks for 60-75% keyboards, just look for some between 29-32 cm).
Great mechanical keyboard with blue switches. It was very well packaged with some accessories. They had included a small brush, keycap puller and golden micro usb for connecting the keyboard. These switches feel identical to MX Blue switches.
I have used it for a month without issues. I did not find anything about this in the product description, but even the model without LED backlight has one LED that is turned on when caps lock is enabled.
Arrived in Canada in 1 week! Very pleased with the speed of the delivery. Got the blue switch with a single white back light which is perfect for my use as I plan on using this for mobility and traveling to type with my laptop, smartphone and tablet - once you get a mechanical keyboard, you'll never go back. The RGB has 18 light effects. Regardless, any back light option you choose will certainly be ideal because the light reflecting off the aluminum back plate is maximized. Highly recommended!
The keyboard is very good. Switches feel nice (black), they are suitable for gaming. The backlight is also very good, no problems at all. Shortcuts work right out the box. Overall very good experience. I wish they made brown switches though - tactile bump would be welcome.