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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 8w
In the beginning, i had problems with the unlocking routine, it seemed to me as it not working. I got very helpful support from the seller and finally i am very happy with this product.
fantastic seller and geniune product. merchandise of highest quality, to be honest even getter than I expected. seller helps with installation ,advice before buying (very very advisable) and very patient. much commented.
Year 2014 1.6t sidi opel insignia xht engine is not totally supported. Not all the functions are available. The software comes with the product in cd is not update. It supports until year 2010. You should find some other softwares.
The product is very good. But the seller is not flexible. I'm very very very lucky, the customs not destroyed and punisment . I would like 2 packages ( i would like pay a second package) but she or he said NO!
Great seller. Shipped on time and fast delivery. Highly recommended. However, software on dvds is not a good idea. Had to download and install from the net. Also the included software only for diagnostics and not for offline programming. Better software options available online.