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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 921 led
The seller shipped out the order quite promptly after payment but too bad the Aliexpress standard shipping was delayed and only reach here in a month time. Lets talk about the package, the item arrived in only a blister packaging with some foam wrapping to it. It is not something bad for this price range but I believed for such an amount of transaction your company done, you could afford to print a proper small boxes. Product wise, it is a very good product nevertheless. It is absolutely bright in pure white color that doesn't have any color tint to it. The led also non polarity sensitive which means you could simply pop off your old t15 halogen bulb and pop in the new one, this is something very good. The led also have proper constant current driver which the led light would not dim or flicker when your car voltage drops for example when your aircon compressor kicks in. I will definitely recommend you guys to buy this led light bulb by all means.