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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 925 sterling silver and natural stone bracelet
My 1st freebie! Thank you so much! Very beautiful hand crafted jewerly! The bracket came with a silver polishing cloth, in a beautiful box. The bracelet was well packaged and wrapped and no damage at all. I have received many compliments on the bracelet!! I received the light pink stone, with the lotus flower. The flower is beautiful and so delicate! I am in love with this piece of jewelry!! Thank you very much! I am recommending this seller and their jewelry!!
Oval cut Red Diamonds, 8x0,5ct and Brilliant Round Clear Diamonds 32x0,1ct. Radiation test result rises to highest possible level of unheated natural diamonds with clear ones; to level of unheated natural diamonds with red ones. Thermal conductivity test result rises to level of unheated natural with clear ones; to level of heated natural with red ones. Color under UV light whitish purple Clear ones; purplish blue Red Ones. Garnet is inert according to West scientific sources, some species in different tones red. Natural diamonds are blue a.o. colors and beryl purple according to tester list: tells nothing about Garnet. Australian test result: natural purplish red diamond purplish blue under UV light. European price level for natural red diamond, 0,5ct is 261000USD, clear 0,1ct, 90USD according to Antwerp World Diamond Center. Australian value red diamond 0,5ct 203100-437100USD, clear 0,09ct 402USD. Red Diamond one of the rarest, most valuable gems. Red Beryl,too:10000USD/1ct.
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