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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for a.i. learning robot
I have received a package with a robot on 22 day after I had made an order. It was packed good and came to me without any damage on it. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope that all parts also are good, and it will be working.
I liked very much the order of the pieces inside and the good packaging and the shipping speed. I am very satisfied with the product and I want to install it and try it on and I would be happy if it was run like I want
I guess I will be able to build the robot arm from the pictures on the internet, but a simple IKEA style blueprint/manual would be appreciated. That's why I gave 4 stars for service. But I assume all other shops will ship this item without manual too, so they too would get 4 stars by the way. Shipment was very fast and was offered at a good price.
Seller: Shipped fast. The package was delivered on the 12th business day from the purchase date. Product: It's not the best documented CPLD, but you can't beat the price. It works with Altera/Intel's free Quartus Prime Lite development software. That software is available for Ubuntu Linux! or it will work on Windows if your into ancient junk. The actual chip is an EPM240T100C5N. Be sure to get a USB blaster too if you want to program the thing. -Jake