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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for a5000 sony
I believe this is a very good imitation. When used with original Oneplus power brick, this cable supports Oneplus 5 dash charge. Also, cable supports Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 for Mi Max 2 when used with a QC power brick. Data transfer is as expected. Good product.
Shipping took about 2,5 weeks which is fine to me and also came in the promised period of time. The case seems alright for the price, not exactly what I expected but still. However, I did not appreciate the “dirt” on the one side (neither does my OCD).
Ok, so first things first. It is of nice quality, the inside has a nice texture keeping the camera safe. The only flaw I could see was that it didn't fit that well on the handling side (pic 4&5), it was too big, or more like it feels like the position of the screw on the bottom should have been a little bit more to the right. But overall, this is a very nice choice for a camera cover. Will give additional feedback...
Very excellent battery case for sony NP-FW50 Batteries. Quality is very good. Unfortunately I wanted to order 3 pcs and finaly ended up with 30, since I havent realised the price of 7$ was for one pice, that contained 10 boxes. Thats no problem, i will find other use of them. Delivery was very fast. I am very satisfied.