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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ac analog voltmeter
ordered: 23-june, arrived: 02-aug, @Netherlands, so: slow travel. Let's say it took the scenic route :-). Shipment was traceable here, from 25-june (Shipment at country of origin distribution center) till 25-june (Shipment accepted by airline): seller shipped fast, travel time is beyond seller's control :-). Shipment arrived in my mailbox, as a gray plastic baggy envelope, containing the meter in a blister-package: good packageing. Meter is as-advertized, as-ordered: a zero-problems, all-ok order and delivery. Informational: using this thing brings back memories of the windshield-wiper days of multimeters: underdampened analog meter, not very accurate, mostly for amusement/conversational value.Good for its money :-)