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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Effort

Thanks for Participating in the Relief Effort!

Due to the incredible generosity of the AliExpress community, we have already been able to provide meaningful assistance to Japan. However, we regret to announce that we must discontinue our program.At this time, we suggest you contribute through philanthropic organizations such as the International Red Cross (http://www.ifrc.org/).

Relief Effort Updates

The email below is from a concerned AliExpress user in Japan. We have contacted Doctors Without Borders regarding their need for relief supplies.



To: Brian A. Wong
Date: 3/15/2011
Subject: Alibaba's Emergency Relief Effort for Japan and Doctor's Without Borders

As a resident of Japan I would like to thank you for Alibaba's Emergency Relief Effort for Japan:
It is touching that so many people across the world are acting on their concern.
I told my friend at relief organizations about your project because yesterday I heard they were in need of certain supplies (at the time it was water and blankets-- but not sure if the needs are the same now.)

Who should I put them in touch with about connecting your project and their project?

Thank you

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Effort

A massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake triggered a horrific 10-meter tsunami in north east Japan on Friday. Both earthquake and tsunami have left great devastation across Japan.

Please join in the effort to help the people of Japan now.

Members worldwide who donated:

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