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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ad797
Looks good. Worth the wait. these are seriously good op amp replacements. Better then any IC op amp I have used. Bit physically big thou for a lot of units which limits their application somewhat but hey,,, there is always a way...
Have now bought 8 of these single boards and two double OP03 from the seller and every one has been fantastic. Brilliant upgrade from most 8 pin op amps. Even better then OPA627 IC. This OP03 has a rich dynamic quality and the detailed but slightly thin and slightly brittle sound from even an OPA 627 ic has now depth with a richness and enhanced dynamics especially in the midrange. If you want a bright forward sound these are not for you but what they offer is depth and layering of instruments which IC's don't don't seem able to do as well. Thoroughly recommended.