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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for adapt bluetooth
great product works great. super load great voltage range. shipping took longer than expected but the wait was worth it. 5/5 the package was damaged and not well packed the device itself had no scratch on it tho.
seller good, thank you. ezcap quite good, have tried others they don't work, this does: 3 composite cables - video, audio left + right, PC intel windows 7, although it stops often. quality is reasonable for the price. used the software it came with arcsoft showbiz which is good, also used nero which didn't work very well at all, capturing kept stopping, both software, the sounds continues though. over all, after buying numerous vhs capture devices this one is the best so far, not ideal, still not good enough to be called completely useful for my purposes. the seller is good, no problems. thanks.
I didn't know, this Bluetooth audio receiver has only one button and it hasn't any built-in mic. But this device indicates its battery level in the phone screen, that's so nice.