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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for adum4160
Product as advertised. Covered in protective transparent plastic sleeve. I successfully tested it with CP2102 USB-UART converter, ST-Link debugger, and Android smartphone (as expected in this case, file download speed in MTP mode dropped from 25MB/s to 1MB/s).
I was missing an info how much current the DC/DC converter can deliver and if it is protected against overloading. Also there is a small undocumented switch. Anyway, the product works fine with my Arduino modules, various programming adapters and logic analyzer.
Reduces significantly the audio noise coming out of the PC over the USB port. Objective2+ODAC setup plugged on powered USB hub, but that wasn't enough to get rid of the "mouse scrolling noise" (which is probably due to the GPU/CPU generating a lot of HF noise). Using the USB isolator solved my issue completely.
This isolator works. I'm using it for a racing wheel which had the phenomenon of "ghost inputs". This item eliminates them. Only the fact that no USB device is working in high-speed mode (windows doesn't recognize them) dulls my satisfaction. the support wasn't very helpful as i was asking them about it...