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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for air fli
Seller missed to set my phone number in package and delivery company sent my item to storage warehouse, because they can't contact with me. I wait long time after package come to my city and just after found other tracking system and found delivery company with my package. After I contact them, package was moved to local office and I take it. If I didn't contact in this case delivery company, that said that in some time package will be utilize. So please set correct phone number in parcel for future.
same as photos and the sizes are accurate. it came without a box but well packed. theses are lightweight and comfortable shoes. quality wise is fair with the price. overall it's great!
Nice air mouse, but a bit heavy (116g w/ batteries, comparing to 79g of IdeaPro). Tested in Android TV (leanback). BAD: Mic button switch on/off, not a press-and-speak. "Search" button does not work. "Back" button does not work properly in some apps (e.g. Plex). NEUTRAL: Keyboard on the back is good, but missed navigation buttons. GOOD: all the buttons (tested only front) can be easy programmed/learned.
Great Remote. Not perfectly for windows, what is a shame, but in return it will work with windows and android as well. I have used the previous version for 6 years until the battery died completely. I have high hopes for this remote as well.
Really good drone for me (a beginner) the video quality is outstanding for such a small package an flying with it is quite easy. The packaging was good ,the delivery on time. Very satisfied with the seller . Great thump's up