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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for air mouse russian
Everything as expected. Quality is good. Under android 5 and higher to switch language from english to russian there is no need to instal any additional software. Everething is configurable from android settings itself (Settings -> Language and Input, select keyboard and assign required languages). After that the input language can be switched using Ctrl + Tab keys combination.
Product looks great. Manual is not clear regarding IR learning from other remote control (I have other Vontar product, TX28 android box and I just cannot learn goddamn ir to make power button working). Air mouse too sensitive
I am used it a full day before Rating. It is one of the coolest mini keyboard. in which many new and wonderful functions. I strongly suggest buying it from the same seller. i love that it. Fast in shipping and conform to description. Thanks to the seller
Nice air mouse, but a bit heavy (116g w/ batteries, comparing to 79g of IdeaPro). Tested in Android TV (leanback). BAD: Mic button switch on/off, not a press-and-speak. "Search" button does not work. "Back" button does not work properly in some apps (e.g. Plex). NEUTRAL: Keyboard on the back is good, but missed navigation buttons. GOOD: all the buttons (tested only front) can be easy programmed/learned.
I ordered the English version and they sent me the Russian version.I couldn't send it back, because it will cost almost the money I paid for the keyboard. I opened I dispute and the seller told me to glue letters on the keyboard. After allot of time, Alliexpress stepped in and offered a refund for half of the money. I took the refund and I will never buy again from this seller.