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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for alacer
Good received, quickly delivery with DHL, Unfortunatlely, I had to pay an extra cost not included with the customs fees = 25€. Good product, and sound, well done, easy to associate in bluetooth.
Everything received in good order. I received the black M7 though I ordered the silver one but that's not a problem. Updated the firmware to the latest version and so far everything works fine and all is to my liking.
Very fast delivery indeed!!! Excellent little player with a very fast and easy to use UI. Does everything I need and is better than I expected. Beautifully made in metal and glass and came with case and IEMs so very good value. Sounds wonderful. Highly recommended player and seller.
Listening to it now. Wow!! Listening to 1940s jazz recordings, and they sound fabulous, just with ordinary MP3 ripping. When I get a bigger memory card to put on the stuff I have ripped at Lossless WAV settings, this will be beyond incredible. I am using Samson SR850 headphones - the Sony and AKG headphones sounded a little dark, and this unit needs a little extra brightness. As all electrical units burn in, I won't take this as being the final sound, but it is great as is. My sad little $19 player can't even change volume anymore due to its cheap plastic construction, but this is aluminium and glass and feels very durable. I am very pleased with this purchase, and feel I have scored a bargain, especially compared to the price of equivalent units from other makers. And the special package including a leather case and earphones makes it even more pleasing.
Amazing products, the best sounding player i've ever heard with all the features that can make it a end game for some people. The service was great, fast shipping and zero problems whatsoever. A+