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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for alacer
im so inlove with this tiny DAP.. now, i dont have to bring out my phone when Im in travel bcoz this lil prayer fits my pocket. im pretty impressed with the sound. i also love to connect to spotify to listen to music.i also love this SLEEP plus feature since i enjoy listening to music before going to bed.i dont worry anymore to turn it off before falling asleep.
A good seller! There was a problem with the firmware update, but thanks to the seller I was able to repair it soon. If there is opportunity, I would like to shop again at this seller.(^w^)
Product is good, but for India please don’t order. Customs had caught this product and I had to pay extra 25$ just to release it from there. So you can get the same here for the cost and the duty included.
Unbelievable fast, arrived after 8 days in the Netherlands! The music player is beautiful (you can find detailed reviews on the internet, e.g. Shop with confidence, this is a top seller, AAA.
Very good sound quality. protection provided. Very nice design. I would buy another but finally i I did not do it, because there are no update for the firmware. I have not found any official site ! The big default is the sofware, it's too poor, few equalizers, no custom equalizer, no balance, no feature for change the sound quality, ... And the wheel is totally useless and too slow. However I recommand this MP3 player, except the software, all is very good quality. It's one of the best and It's not useful to put more expensive.