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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ali annabelle hair
Slight smell but I like it a lot so far! I ordered a 16 inch closure along with 2 18 inches. I’m truly exited to start making wigs & I’ll be using this hair for my first real wig. The seller is BEYOND NICE & very professional. She KEPT me updated, I will definitely be ordering more from her. Probably the one I order from at that! I will keep you all posted after making the wig.
So I ordered the hair on Monday afternoon and I just got it yesterday, when I opened my package it came with a beauty blender, and the closure was everything , it’s really thick which is a good thing to me , I wet the closure with water and then I added conditioner to it, and that just made it so much fuller and just everything I hoped it would turn out to be , I look forward to ordering from Ali Annabelle
Everything about my order was perfect. I’ve ordered from Ali Annabelle before and both times my hair was perfect. They included a makeup sponge which was very nice. The hair is the perfect length I was looking for and the body wave looks great. I’ll post pictures after I install the hair as well.
The hair came really fast and nicely weird smells and was very soft..i’ve dyed the hair and so far so good no shedding and still had wave pattern..the only down side was the closure was extremely big had to cut quite a bit to fit
I take a lot of time to leave a feedback because I wanted to see the hair quality in the time. and the result is this is super quality of hair. no shedding, no tangle, and the hair is super soft. And No smell. the shipping was fast and the customeer service was great. they deserve more than five stars, realy.