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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for amateur radio transceiver
The quality of the lecturer is very good, the feel is also very good, the material is very solid, no odor is fine, the call quality is very good, the call distance is far.
It is easy to get started, easy to operate, the shell is hard and resistant to falling, the signal is good, the call is clear and there is no noise, and the battery is durable.
This radio is easy to program, but power level isn't closed to whats advertised. Max wattage in 140 and 440mhz is around 4 watts. However, it does transmit at 220mhz despite the manual say 220 and 300 MHz is receive only. It will only output at those frequencies at around .5 to 1 watt. You'd still want a proper antenna to make the most of it. Manual does not tell you how to send DTMF via keypad, but you can transmit DTMF tones by pressing Exit button while on standby, punch in the desired keys you want to send, and then press the PTT switch. This is not documented in the manual. Finally, it's is important to get the programming software from the seller, it makes programming and customizing radio a lot easier. Especially if you want to program channel names with alpha numeric characters. This radio will also take uni-code for channel name too via the programming software.
The radios correspond fully to the description. They appear robustly built, the black model has a slightly stronger casing, but the strength feels as good on the red model. The seller acted professionally and responded promptly to questions. Delivery took no more than two weeks, including local shipping handling. Programmable in Chirp software.
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