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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ammoon guitar kit
Package arrived in 2 weeks. Box was damaged, contents were fine. The truss rod comes installed. It's off center, but an Allen key fits when the string clamp is installed. The neck fits into the body without gaps. Bolt on plate and screws included. Some fret wire ends have to be filed down. Body has some black discoloration. The included H pickup doesn't fit into the H pickup slot. The corners have to be cut out more. The lower corners of the bridge slot need to be be cut out more for the bridge to fit and for the tremolo lock to not rest in the body. It should have been routed 5mm further down. There may be a gap at the top of the bridge when installed. Instructions include details for other kits. 2 pages are for this design, but not this body. The switch is a 5 way, but the wiring diagram is for a Les Paul. Giving it a 4 because I knew I'd have to fix something. The guitar has a unique look, I like the SSH pickup configuration.