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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for amoi
Nice device, only chinese manual, but easy to change the language. Equally good sound quality in my in ear and over ear headphones and on the line of my stereo amplifier too. There are two things that are not perfect: 1: There are no headphones included. It does not matter as usually the supplied headphones are not good quality. Instead there was a rubber protective cover for the device. This is actually fantastic, if used during sports and the player happens to fall to the ground, it is less susceptible to get scratched. 2: There is no on/off button! I will check to have the manual translated, but I guess you just cannot turn the player off. All I found was some kind of standby mode. The on/off button on the side on the other hand is a key lock button! That is really absolutely fantastic! It is a slider and if locked no accidentally volume change or track change or whatever!
The product was as described. BUT, the packing was not good >all speakers were stuck together where they should be separated. Too easy to get damaged during shipping. Previous shipments had individual packaging. This needs to improve.