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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for amplifier audio speaker usb
I've received the product in 20 days in a very good condition. The receiver looks very high quality. I'm using it to stream music from a music server (DLNA). The audio quality is way better than my integrated sound card. Regarding the internet radio services, everything works well. When using it on Wi-Fi mode though, the internet radio streaming seems to stutter a little from time to time, but with an ethernet cable everything is OK. Currently I'm using it with a cheap 2.1 sound system and in the future I'll put an amplifier with one pair of high quality speakers. The only negative thing after these 2 days of using it is that after you power off the device, the sound settings are lost, thus it will play music at high volume when it starts. The official app it's OK, but I'm planning to look for better app to browse my music library. Overall, it's a very good acquisition. I will update the review with useful information if there will be something worth mentioning.