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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for amplifier dac player
Fast shipping. Packed well. The sound is great - just a real live sound. If you replace the LM at the output, then you can still improve, pick up for yourself. But by default, too, it sounds ok. Badly works with memory cards 64/128, periodically hangs and turns off. Tried samsung and Toshiba - periodically hangs 64/128. On memory cards in 32 GB of such a problem there is no reading everything and different manufacturers do not hang. There may be a problem with the software, maybe there is not enough memory, I do not know. Later still I will add a response. The seller and the goods - I recommend.
If compare my DSD1796 - "4+", more clean and detalied, but presence effect less. "+" many format support, not need to convert. "-" many menu in interface use little font, player have big screen and 2-3 font size at menu. "bugs": (mp3 only), return to previous track, or rewind, player infrequent hangs, may be my microsd problem (samsung 128g).