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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for andoer 360
Original QR code on product manual did not work, and I had to send messages to the seller to get a correct code. This took a few days, but eventually I received a code that worked, and I could use the camera.
Product came exactly as described. It is a little bulky and bigger than I thought, but this will help me with the time lapse pictures to take. It took a long time to arrive due Brazilian mail system, not because of vendor. I recommend both the vendor and the product.
the nut feels cheap, but it's actually aluminium. it allows to connect the cable on the Theta SC while installed. the strap is good quality (although ugly, but you can replace it any other strap)
It's a well made ball head. The only difference that I find is the machining of the ball itself. Meaning it isn't as polished but works like my name brand ball head. For the price this is a solid second ball head. I would buy this product again, and deal with the vendor.