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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for andoer dual
Item arrived and tested as well. It's a very good camera, even for semi-professional use. I use this camera as safety cam in the back of the venue. It stands on a tripod and it keeps filming the whole show. Obviously, you can't make the same stabilized shots like a real shoulder camera, but what do you expect? For me and for many others this is the perfect tool. If you want to shoot video's for vlogging or vacation video's or like me, as safety cam, this is the one you need. One minor thing is: I asked for a second battery and also for an external battery charger. For one reason or another, this isn't possible.
The unit is quite big. It's not quite portable. If you need something compact and portable, there are some other chargers that can charge 2 batteries at the same time and pretty small. Good thing of this one is that it can use AC outlet. Anyway it works well.
Original QR code on product manual did not work, and I had to send messages to the seller to get a correct code. This took a few days, but eventually I received a code that worked, and I could use the camera.
The plastic product is a bit flimsy and the hot-shoe connectors are not very sturdily attached. But this was to be expected for this price. It works fine though, even with TTL! VERY fast delivery; 1 week to The Netherlands!