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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for android motherboard
Motherboard is working fine at the moment. Knox counter was already void, which I don't mind, as I've flashed LineageOS running Oreo. Arrived with a stock French Samsung firmware which was running very hot, probably part of the original issues with my original motherboard. Lineage runs a lot cooler and performance can be tweaked. No complaints so far.
The order was delivered in order, without damage, extremely fast. However, if the motherboard is functional, I will know it only after installation. If it does not work, I'll go into the dispute. Thank you so far.
I received it just after 9 days I placed the orders. I'm very satisfied with the seller and delivery service. I will try to install it tonight. Hopefully everything is excellent.
The motherboard is working.Installed the houses themselves. Simple and easy. 7 days have passed since the replacement of the Board. No glitches, etc. no. In General, I am satisfied with everything, happy with the purchase. The seller responds to messages. Assured that check before sending the motherboard. The parcel arrived quickly. Ordered 16.05.18, arrived at the place of delivery (Irkutsk region) 02.06.18. Track to track.
DSP chip provides a great sound, although I do not know how the standard chip sounds I am very satisfied with the sound quality. A must to order with your Android 8.0 radio!