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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for android phone
Very impressed! It was estimated between July 9 and July 21 and it came the 10th. Quality product for sure, although sent in questionable package. I would maybe spend the extra next time to get the box. Aside from the speaker being incredibly quiet and that I can't do anything with it without a SIM card in it, it's great. 10/10 would recommend.
Very good and nice phone. good quality. Seller communication was superb. Friends ignore the other comments and buy this phone it's best. I love and I recommend this store to all. thanks. I will order for more.
it look as good in real as in picture. a bit short range for the bluetooth, sad i can not have the phone in my pocket before connection is bad. I'll try more to find a good way to use it.
Wow wow wow! I did not expect this little phone working so great! this phone is a REAL smartphone in a size of a zippo lighter! cameras (both front and rear), GPS, phone, sms, flash light, and messenging apps (whatsapp, telegram, etc) are working great! thank you for this awsome product. Only desapointment: I had to wait almost 3 month to get the parcel.... but the waiting was worth it ;)
I like the way they fit in my ear and do not fall out. The sound does cut out... not sure why, the sound returns without having to do anything, within seconds. The instructions call for the headset symbol to be up. The ear buds both have identical angles in relation to the headset symbol. One bud fits perfect as required the other has to be turned 180 deg to fit correctly. Seems to not affect performance unless this is causing the cutting out???
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