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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for angel grace
Quick shipment... great customer service. Order the 8” 10” 12” but got 10” 10” 12” as 8” not in stock at the time at no extra cost. Hair is soft and frizz free. Love the packaging and attention to details. I’ll definitively be buying form this seller again. The communication was great. Updates on where my product was was given daily. I also got a text message on the date of delivery.
This is my second time ordering from this vendor. The hair is absolutely amazing. The first time it came in just three days. This time I ordered it came quick as well. This time I ALSO died the hair and it came out absolutely amazing. No shedding and the hair took the color so well. I spent hours on this website searching for good vendors and this one is my all time favorite. I highly highly recommend. Peruvian is the way to go! Thankyou Angel Grace, I am a struggling college student and this was just what I needed!
Hair feels great and I ordered the hair on Monday and it arrived today, super fast shipping. I have ordered from this vendor many times and have also suggested them to friends and they were more than satisfied and place more orders. Try them and you will not be disappointed!
Hair is good. I toned it and there was little shedding. I’ve used heat on it countless times and it’s still in good condition and barely sheds. I made mines into a wig so I don’t know how long the hair will last as a sew-in. I’ll definitely recommend the hair though.
Absolutely love the hair ! it's super soft very easy to maintain & no shedding . I had it installed only 2 days ago, but I'm still in love with the hair . Shipping was very fast as well.