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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for angle camera for phone
Very impressed with this little guy. You get what you paid but I hardly imagine having a lot of improvement if you pay more like for an "Rhinoshield wide angle lens" for exemple. Here are 5 picture made with a iPhone 7 almost new: 1: Native iPhone 7 lens = sharp, no distortion, no vignetting, good color 2: iPhone 7 lens + APEXEL 16mm = almost as sharp on center, we get less sharpness on edge, a little vignetting too, color still same, we get distortion but it's better as cheaper 3 in 1 lens option. 3: Photoshop process = no distortion, adding sharpness, no more vignetting. 4: iPhone 7 lens + APEXEL 16mm = same as picture 2 5: same as 4 + Filter = less sharp as picture 4 and green shift In conclusion, great lens for quick photo on the way or like me inside Architecture mock-up. Also I won't recommend the filter because it doesn't work as a real filter instaid adding green color on every picture. Check my instagram here: brian_s_a
Lens are unexpectedly good! The picture is sharp, even in the corners. But it is important to put Lens exactly in the middle of phone lens and without any phone cover. Lens are especially useful when making video. They are quite wide! There is also Circular Polarizing Filter in the set, which could be also handy. Lens are quite heavy, which tels me they are made of glass. Really good lens! Especially for the price. Pictures are taken with Galaxy S9.
Very good quality, it arrived very fast. I like the fact that I got case for my phone (iPhone 7Plus) where I can insert the lens and it’s very sturdy. With the clip is ok, the clip is very strong (my sister put the clip on her iPhone X and it broke her protective glass). Overall very satisfied with the quality of the lens
I'm completely in love with these lenses! I was waiting for so long! The quality is fantastic. It was a bit confusing with the macro lens but I figured it out. I love the pouch!!