Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for antenna usb wifi
Very fast delivery. A hugely powerful WiFi router with a tiny footprint. I attached some more powerful antennas and have now a reach that is about 50% farther then with a top off-the-shelf router. 5 V USB power supply makes ups via power bank easy. the only missing thing is a wall mounting bracket. THANK YOU!
This is a high quality product. Compared to outdoor antenna, this indoor antenna is more flexible. When connected to the Bolt modem, it really improves the signal strength of my wifi, better than some outdoor antenna. I live outside of town where the mobile signal is usually very poor. Now I can use my wifi to watch movies online.
delivery was great. the communication was great. the bad thing of this dab+ is the window antenne. if you want great reception you need a car antenna. on highway good reception. inside towns... sometimes. dab works great. reccomand a differend antenna. not sellers fold.