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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for apple charger uk
Love this. I got 2 of them for our work space. The use of one outlet clears out charging wires from all the other devices and places them all in a central location, and popped in some retractable cabl
Love this thing.Its strong enough for ipads, but has no problems with overcharging or heating up my apple watch.It's much easier to charge all my devices! Also it charges my phone and iPad faster than
I recently received the USB power supply. The workmanship is above average. The quality of the cable is also higher than expected. It is very positive that a fuse is built into the cable. The packaging looks very high-quality. I do not have the possibility to check the given values. However, I measured power consumption at idle and under load. The results can be seen on the pictures. Under load I measured with a Xiaomi Note 4 which showed me approx. 800 mA charge current at 80% charge. However, this measurement result says nothing about the actual current output. But it is an acceptable result. All in all, I am very happy with the device. If you are still looking for a USB power supply I can definitely recommend it.