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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for apple. watchs
It slightly darker than the original apple pink band, but it fits perfectly and looks like original. Maybe it won't be that much durable like the orig, but I highly recommend this product.
Item arrived on time, well packaged, in good condition and as described. Had some air bubbles after application but that could be my fault. Will continue to work on it. Happy with purchase
It was a little big for my wrist so I tried shortening each side by one piece. Each piece is held on to the next piece with a pin so I thought all I have to do is to remove a pin. The pins are almost impossible to take out although they should be designed to be removable. I punctured my finger severely trying to push the pin out from the other side. That was my own fault not using the proper safety gear but I’m just saying the pins are almost impossible to remove. So if it’s not already the size of your wrist, you’re screwed.
The band was too big for me but it was an easy fix. Just to punch pins and remove a few parts. Now fits perfectly. Watch look so much better now. It was just over two weeks to deliver to Ireland.