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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for arturia
Its absolutely amazing! It fits really well and everything is relatively easy to put on. Only thing is that its really short, but I already knew that would happen so it wasnt a big problem. The seller was incredible and really nice. I wanted it for a convention I had a few weeks later and when I send the seller a message about this, they shipped it the day after I ordered it and it arrived a week earlier than the tracking said it would, I really couldnt be happier with both the cosplay, the seller and the shipping, I will definitely buy from this seller again!
Very nice sword replica, well decorated, blunt as ... replica (even mace would be more sharp), sword handle is made of two pieces (strong hit would dismantle it) and sword is unbalanced (for normal grip, two-handing would be necessary - one hand on handle and second on decorated part of blade). Overall: Well made replica for cosplay (it can withstand lot of "waving" around, but not actuall hit against dense material, handle might not survive it) or decor of home/apartment, for reasonable price. Cons arent on item, but on shipping: seller ships only by courier company (TNT was used for this sword), this brings a sh*t ton of paperwork and additional expenses (no, not from customs: but from courier company) if shipped to EU - showing lower price on invoice actually made things even worse.