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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for auto rock
Solid cable the best I have ever used so empressed that have ordered another already the built quality incomparable but gets little dirty the white one but not care it dos exactly what it says even charges fast mean real fast stops charging once 100% charged . Keep up good work .
High quality casting, has some good weight to it (300 grams). The body is made of metal, and it has rubber offroad tires. Makes a driving engine sound and head/tail lights light up when pressed down om the rear wheels. Also makes a car unlock sound when opening the driver side door, and a revving sound when the passenger door is opened. The back lid has a nice mechanism of opening: you lift the lid and fold it back. The trunk also opens up to reveal the engine. Batteries are included with this car and the overall detailing make this a cool car to display on your shelf, or a even cooler car for your kids to play with. Quick shipping. Received the order after a little bit more than a week. The car comes packaged in three layers of bubble wrap and a reusable plastic bag. Which are neatly packed in a box. I got this car as a Freebie promotion and i would recommend it to anyone who wants a quality mercedes 6x6 for themselves or their kids. Thank you very much seller!
Great toy car with wind up action so it speeds across the floor! Hood, two front doors and tailgate open up as well. Also makes engine noises which was a pleasant surprise. Very fun and unique car that would make a great addition to any collection!
I was satisfied with the cable and this store. Looks stylish, it performs its functions perfectly. The black color of the cable is nice, looks very texture. But this cable will be very carefully stored (and used). Delivery took two weeks. The goods are excellent, I'm all satisfied !! The seller is outgoing, always ready to help with advice. Together with him they chose this cable. Helped me)) I respect this * - * very Happy))thanks Anna.
package arrived very fast. Real fun blasting tunes and using this in your car, parked of coarse Car looks trippy from the outside like a party's going on in your car!!