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Comfortable and helps with comfort and fatigue. Use in work boots and can feel the difference when I use and when I do not use them. I Need to order more for other shoes.
Very nice quality, I loved it but it took too long to arrive, I ordered it in February but I didn't recieve it until May, but overall its very petite and cute and buyer was very helpful and answered quickly.
The earpiece foam covers on my SoundLogic XT headphones had degraded prematurely and fell off of the headphones. I replaced the original foam with these, and they work great! The original foam felt mismatched to the size of the headphones and would rotate and sit at unusual angles, as the foam was really too big for the earpieces. This pair of foam covers was a lot smaller, and actually appear to be made of better material. The best part is that they fit with a tiny bit of stretch, making the headphones feel much better. I bought two pairs of ear pads just in case, and I expect them to last several years.
Gorgeous keyboard, very sleak and typing is very smooth. Even WITH the silicon dust guard that was included. Also included, a logitech mouse mat, which is very nice, certainly nicer than my ancient logitech mouse deserves. The keyboard came charged, plugged it in and it worked immediately. Including all shortcuts/controls at the top. Certainly worth the price, lovely keyboard, I'm very happy with it! Seller shipped within two days. It came securely packaged, after only ten days to the NL.