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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ba 10
It would have taken a notice, or a video to show how to put the eyelet. I ask more information to the seller, I wait for him to answer me. I received the box in perfect condition, and very quickly.
Sounds fantastic right out of the package, love the mahogany wooden block used as the base. the instrument doesn't have a sound hole so it isn't very loud but it is still loud enough for others to hear it close by which makes it a great starting instrument. I recommend this 10 key one don't go for 8 keys, 10 keys is perfect to start with and you'll be pleased you did. When you want to upgrade further go for a 17 key Kalimba.
When I bought Kz 5 it came into a nice box. KZ ZST in just a little plastic. Maybe because I bought 2 instead one. I’m going to sell one but is not so easy.