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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for baby songs
Mobile for a very long time, for 3 months. Came in good condition. Melodies are different, they go in a row, pleasant for the ears. Operates from 2 batteries. I advise the seller and the seller. I repeat very long delivery.
Absolutely fabulous product. I replaced this with previous manually operated bell that needed to operate every time after completing the loop in 2-3 minutes. This one needs 2 AA batteries and that's it. Saves time. Music is really melodious and soothing to ears. My baby enjoys it a lot compared to previous one. 12 different tunes. Highly recommended.
My second order, first has been broken on the way- seller was super helpful, refunded the whole amount with no issues. The new item works perfectly fine. I’m very pleased with the communication, quality and shipping time. Thank you!
Not bad, it's OK for 3-4 yrs. toddler. I tryied on my 1,5 yr. old sun, for him it's big, but maybe useable... He wants to pull it off :D I haven't try in water yet. Package was big, as it's not blowed up, but stuffed with hard sponge.
Most are usually good, i have had some faulty that my customers have had to return to me and also had some ive had to reformat but this RARELY happens.. I just order in big amounts that's why it happens to me sometimes