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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for band vhf
I bought this UV-5R station because I still had a Btech UV-5X3 triband station purchased from the USA and I wanted to see the differences. Apart from the fact that the one in the USA was in another high-quality box, three bandwidth frequencies + one band antenna for 222-228Mhz and the charger has the printed manufacturer's inscription on the one applied by gluing, but the products are good quality, the finish is very well done. I also bought 2 more compact Diamond SRH805S antennas to replace the standard antennas Thanks ShiqunElectronics
a very reliable seller thank you very much in the quick shipment it is very nice to work with you I am very pleased I am very happy to have met you with a related dealer like you I will constantly make radio purchases from you I would recommend anyone shopping at Aliexpress.