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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for baofeng ip67
Customer support & fast shipping highly appreciated. Many thanks from the younger kids in the neighborhood as well, who are now finding it convenient to communicate discreetly in the playground & beyond. We too are enjoying their intermittent walkie-talkie chatter eavesdropping on their frequency with our scanner from a distance of 3-5Kms. Many thanks to the seller & the team
These BF-9700 are highly rugged & suitable for most outdoor & industrial activities. Seller highly recommended to all. Will program them to our frequencies which are different from those already programmed in the radio. A quick test in our RF Workshop confirmed uniformly stable RF POWER OUTPUT & excellent sensitivity across the whole 400-520MHz Band. The RF output is Approx.5Watt, which is satisfactory & slightly more than even the branded radios offering standard 4Watts Max. In case of extending coverage, these radios can be used with an external antenna mounted at higher location and used with the optional Microphone Accessory for convenience as a base station.
Wonderful waterproof radios of a very good quality, fully working and long range! Ordered from russian warehouse - and the majority of the items have arrived inside this package in about 1 week domestic shipping from Russia, although there was one of the programming cables that has been delivered separately from China or Netherlands instead. Packed in a great protection. Have a lot of fun with these radios, both talking and FM radio receiving, all functions are working so far. Just be a responsible radio amateur and using only the allowed frequencies, to avoid any problems. Although did not try to program the radios with a cable (for me the default settings are good enough at this moment). Additionally bought a "Baofeng GT-3WP Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Handheld Microphone Speaker MIC for GT-3WP Baofeng BF-9700" - they are electrically compatible and are working fine, but the holding screw is too short - cannot attach permanently, have to find a longer screw to attach the microphones