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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for baofeng lcd
Very powerful radio for any use you can think of, but definitely unfriendly to use. I don't have a license or anything so I'll use mine on PMR 446 channels only, and just with that it was a nightmare to program correctly while keeping a maximum of functionality with the limited amount of channels in memory. Fortunately I bought the USB cable too, without it just forget this radio unless you know exactly how to use it. My tip for amateur PMR & CTCSS users : program every PMR channel in the tens of channels (10-19 = PMR1, 20-29 = PMR2 for example) and CTCSS in the last digit (31 = PMR3 CTCSS1, 76 = PMR7 CTCSS6, 50 = PMR5 without CTCSS), this way you'll benefit from the good range and clarity of this radio but stick to the legal PMR channels and switch easily between channels